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Work Experience and Schools Offer

Work Related Learning offer meeting all Gatsby Benchmarks

  • Years 10 and 11 - Block Work Experience Opportunities
  • From year 10 to 13 - Specialised Extended Work Experience
  • Careers Advice and Guidance (Level 6 Practitioners)
  • Positive Interventions Programmes
  • Mentoring and Coaching

With over 20 years' of staff experience working with employers, schools, colleges and alternative provision, we provide expert work related learning for young people across Luton, Bedfordshire, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and surrounding areas.

We work with you to organise physical and virtual opportunities to meet individuals/ schools/ colleges and training provider requirements bridging the gap between education and the world of work.

Block Work Experience

Best Practice provides a block placement and health and safety surety service for parents, schools, colleges and alternative learning providers across our geographical areas. Block work experience placements traditionally run from 1 to 2 weeks. 

Extended Work Experience

We organise extended work experience for students where young people can work alongside employers from 1 to 4 days a week during term time for up to two academic years.

This supports their curriculum learning and career goals and proves to be a positive experience for both employers and young people. Young people gain on the job skills and sector experience. IAG is embedded throughout, and progress reviews are conducted regularly.

Suitable for students from Year 10 - Year 13.

Career Advice and Guidance/IAG

At Best Practice we have professionally qualified Level 6 IAG advisors to provide careers information, advice and guidance using the most up to date knowledge and about market information meeting the individual needs of each young person. We also have fantastic support from local and national employers who provide current and relevant information relating to job roles in the workplace. 

Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) can help to excite and engage young people when considering their future. We encourage young people to take control of their own pathways and raise their own aspirations. We support young people to make an informed choice.

Positive Intervention Programmes

Our programmes offer early intervention, aimed at lowering school exclusions, raising aspirations and providing young people with skills, knowledge and a starting point towards the world of work. We support young people with SEND and learning differences and engage with multi-agencies to ensure the best outcome for each individual.

Our programmes have been designed around the needs of young people who would benefit from an alternative approach, supporting their personal growth and achievement. IAG is embedded throughout whilst meeting the Gastby Benchmarks.

We can offer:

  • Community based projects
  • Develop Ability - Accredited Employability Award with real work experience
  • Personal Development Programme
Our 'Personal Development Programme' is designed to engage identified Year 10 students and take them on a positive journey with transition into Year 11, thus spanning 2 academic years. The programme will allow early intervention for those who are either on, or being considered for, a reduced curriculum timetable, with the exception of their core GCSE's or alternative provision.

Through engaging in Positive Interventions, young people gain an increase in self-belief, confidence and resilience. They will learn new skills and build on their strengths and ability to work in a team. Additionally, they will gain an understanding of managing a budget to run a community project.

Mentoring and Coaching

We offer a mentoring programme for Years 11, 12 and 13 which includes working with employers based on the career interests of each young person.

We empower the young people we work with through coaching and raising aspirations.

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